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Ever heard the phrase, “you can be the best driver in the world, but it is the other drivers that will let you down”. No statement could be more true. The term defensive driving conjures up the image of drivers doing skids, sliding and driving through safety cones to improve their skills. In fact, that is not defensive driving at all. Track days show you what to do when something goes wrong. Southern Cross Advanced Driving would prefer to show you how NOT to get in a dangerous situation in the first place. We focus on prevention skills and use the term “Low Risk”. 

Low Risk driving skills are developed alongside vehicle operation in our learner courses as standard. However if you were not lucky enough to develop your learner driving skills through Southern Cross Advanced Driving, we introduce you to the Always Alert, Always Arrive  (AAAA) Low Risk driving course. An on-road course, with real hazards and real situations designed specifically for the under 25's. Southern Cross Advanced Driving covers the following skills sets in our main AAAA course and selectable option's - 

  • Low Risk Driving Skills 
  • Mechanical Sympathy 
  • Emergency Braking 
  • Vehicle Safety Check 
  • Situation Awareness
  • Green Driving
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Tyre Changing

Parents, you are investing in your young drivers future, giving them the skill set and under pinning knowledge to recognise the risks on our roads, anticipate other drivers mistakes and drive to suit the conditions. Our fee is a small price when you weigh up the value of your young drivers life.

3 Hour Always Alert, Always Arrive Course - In Your Vehicle $200

Includes 30 minute pre assessment drive, 15 minute debrief, 50 minute low risk power point presentation, 40 minute on road coaching session, 20 minute final assessment drive. Full written report and certificate 

Optional Emergency Braking and Adverse Conditions $  50

An additional 60 minute comprehensive emergency braking (ABS and Non ABS) on different road surfaces, cornering and understanding vehicle physics on differing road conditions. 

Optional Vehicle Inspection and Tyre Changing Exercise $  25

An additional 30 minute vehicle pre-start familiarisation and full tyre change exercise. 


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Committed to ensure our trained drivers will not only learn to drive, but also learn to survive, now and in the future.

Flexibility to suit your availability is our priority. Lessons available 7 days a week, day or night.
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