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So, here we are then, 7 months down the road since starting the driving school component of Southern Cross Advanced Driving. Having been involved in defensive, advanced, 4WD and corporate driver training for over 7 years, branching out into the learner driver training has been very enjoyable.

So how have we gone over the 7 months? It took us 2 months to sign up 10 drivers. 5 months later we have 68. Not a lot compared to some driving schools, but a good start for a small local family business.

When I first started, I really wanted a piece of the Ipswich action, but do you know what, I don’t need it. I only have one Ipswich student out of the 65. There has been a real need for our driving school in the Brisbane Valley Region the most. However, our driving school has provided driving lessons in the following locations.

Ipswich, Laidley, Gatton, Plainland, Brightview, Regency Downs, Hatton Vale, Kensington Grove, Toowoomba, Glenore Grove, Mount Tarampa, Coominya, Lowood, Esk, Mount Hallam, Toogoolawah, Eskdale, Mount Bepo, Cressbrook, Fernvale, Fairney View, Larkhill, Carindale, Capalaba and Alexandra Hills.

A large area to cover, but most focus has been in the Brisbane Valley and Lockyer Valley regions. With views like the pictures below, you can understand why.

Have I enjoyed it? Heck yes! Watching a novice develop skills to become a technically correct and a safe driver is very rewarding.

How have we gone? We have had 20 out of 22 drivers pass their test on their first attempt, which is a 91% success rate. Not too shabby if you ask me. We are certainly doing something right. Many have enjoyed our relaxed but professional approach. I get asked a lot how I stay so calm. The answer is being a step ahead at all times and accurate instruction.

In December, Southern Cross Advanced Driving became the official driving school for the Brake The Cycle program in Lowood. Having been (and still currently) a mentor for the Ipswich PCYC Break the Cycle program, supporting the Lowood program just seemed to make sense.

Where do we go from here? The plan is to add an auto to the fleet within 2 to 3 months, therefore offering manual and auto lessons. I hope to focus some more on our Always Alert, Always Arrive low risk driving course and get it out amongst the schools and youth groups.

I would like to thank all my students and supporters over the past 7 months. I can’t thank you enough. You have truly been a part of our success at Southern Cross Advanced Driving.

I will chat again with you next week.



Time to head home after a day of driivng lessons in Esk


Heading to Fernvale after lessons in Gatton and Mount Hallam


School pickup followed by a driving lesson from Lowood State High School to Mount Tarampa


Heading home to Fernvale after lessons in Toogoolawah. I couldn't resist stopping for this pic


Heading from Lowood to a driving lesson in Wivenhoe Pocket


Hows this for a view from your driveway. Heading towards Glamorgan Vale after a lesson at Larkhill.






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