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Advanced Driving / Motorsport Skills

The road is a dangerous place to practice your motorsport skills. It can also be more expensive than hiring some track time for the day. Subject to venue availability and group sizing, Southern Cross Advanced Driving can organise different levels of motorsport training. From developing skills in your road car to something more...... lets say aggressive. Advanced and motorsport skills will also be reflected in your everyday driving with a  noticeable enhancement in your steering technique and cornering executution.

The options and pricing are wide and varied. Please let us know what level of Advanced Skills you seek and we will take care of the rest. Rest assured, if it is something we cannot handle, we will certainly point you in the right direction.

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Committed to ensure our trained drivers will not only learn to drive, but also learn to survive, now and in the future.

Flexibility to suit your availability is our priority. Lessons available 7 days a week, day or night.
Your choice of pick up location and drop off destination, subject to availability.

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