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Purchased that new Prado and want to hit the beach. Can be humiliating when it all goes wrong and you need somebody to recover you. The same can happen when you tackle that bush track and you find yourself out of your depth. Basic 4WD skills can go a long way. With both field experience and recreational 4WD background, Southern Cross Advanced Driving can provide you with an introduction to 4WD and recovery.

Designed to run as small groups in your own vehicles, we cover the physical and technical aspects of 4WD on a variety of terrain including rocky, gravel, sand and mud. As part of the course we cover the safety aspects of various recovery methods and apply them practically. Snatch Straps, Recovery Tracks, Winching (if your vehicle is fitted with a winch) and using what is laying around on the ground in front of you. All conducted at a dedicated 4WD park. Make a booking for yourself and mates, show with a vehicle each and not only is it a training day, but an enjoyable day that you will long remember. A day course is $220 per driver/vehicle (minimum 3 drivers/vehicles) which includes lunch and 4WD park access fees.

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Committed to ensure our trained drivers will not only learn to drive, but also learn to survive, now and in the future.

Flexibility to suit your availability is our priority. Lessons available 7 days a week, day or night.
Your choice of pick up location and drop off destination, subject to availability.

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